Beach House Book #1 – Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer

If you’ve ever sat around on a beach or by a pool or in a restaurant and paid quiet attention to those around you…made assumptions or wondered about the lives of those sharing your space than this book is for you.    After all, everyone has their secrets.

Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer was listed by Coastal Living magazine, in its June 2017 issue as one of the “50 Best Books for the Beach This Summer.”  I was immediately intrigued.  Who isn’t intrigued when the title contains the word “Secrets”.  If this book was listed as the #1 book on Coastal Living’s list of recommendations, well then, it must be the first beach house book for me.  I kicked off my beach house book summer, splurging on this hardback, because holding the book and smelling the pages is the only way to begin my escape…in this case, to Nantucket.   This story is perfect and light…just right for a chaise on a beach or by a pool.  The story has enough depth and intrigue that it keeps you interested, but not enough drama that it tears your attention away from everything else or should I say everyone else around you.  If you delve into this gem, you’ll realize that a large part of the story is actually about just that…paying attention to what is going on around you…paying attention to what is going on inside you.

The story revolves around the summertime adventures of the main character, Darcy, and her varying and often complex relationships, including her relationship with her self and her own internal struggle.  The story maintains a modern twist on relationships, both Darcy’s and those of her neighbors and loved-ones, emphasizing wisdom and companionship that spans generations.  Thayer honestly conveys the various challenges within modern relationships, the impact of our past on our present, our feelings of insecurity in our relationships and acknowledging the impact that we have on others and alas, that they have on us.

Just like me, you can purchase this book easily through this link at Amazon!

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