Beach House Book #4 All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Wow!  And I’ll say it again! Wow!  If you own a beach house, this is definitely one to stack on your shelves and share with your guests!  I grew up in a small town in the South where one of the highlights of summer was the county fair and let me tell ya going home was never this exciting (nor would I ever desire it to be).   This book is amazing and its no wonder that Southern Living had it ranked as #1 in its list of Best New Books of Summer for 2017.  I finished this book in very little time…the story is gripping to say the least. If you are like me,  you’ll take a copy everywhere just to find out “who done it” and “what the heck happened.”  Be careful though, I am afraid I am going to be fined by my local library because my copy is waterlogged from reading in the pool.

This book is set in rural North Carolina and the main character, Nicolette, comes home to face a mystery that haunts her from her past…and a new mystery that will define her future.  It’s a suspenseful story based on repercussions of decisions we make, loyalty that we choose,  and the desperate measures we take to protect the ones we love.   One of the most intriguing parts of this story is that Miranda wrote backwards in time…so you read the ending of the story and work your way back to the beginning, which basically spans a 15-day period.   If you are one of those people that like to read the end of a book, before the beginning, to find out how it turns out…well you just have to start at the beginning like everyone else.  This presentation was very clever.  All of the assumptions I made about the characters and what I thought happened,  changed as I continued to read so you have to pay attention to the content in the earlier chapters (the end of the story) because they may be conclusions to things that happen in the later chapters (the beginning of the story).  For me, the only remaining mystery of this story is… how Miranda wrote it…from beginning to end (back to front) or end to beginning (front to back).   I think I’ll have to read it twice…starting from the back this next time around just to see if I pick up on anything new.

Don’t hesitate on this one! Summer will be over before you know it!  All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda is a must for a summer Beach House Book!

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